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Scoring System Hunting and Sport Shooting

Contact 50 m Running Boar





Scoring System Hunting and Sport Shooting

Running and stationary targets

Our scoring system has proved a very high reliability for running moose ranges, normally at 80 m, and running game ranges at 50 m and rifle ranges for testing hunting fire arms at distances from 50 m and above.S110_Tvaa-figurer_MG_6515.JPG

Why Sius Ascor hunting scoring systems:

  • Close to service
  • Manufacturing in Switzerland and in Sweden
  • Highest Quality
  • The best prices
  • The most reliable equipment
  • Simple to use
  • The best service
  • The system have been developed by hunters for hunters

It is only Sius Ascor who has the Swedish Hunting Federation approval for hit evaluation at the moose anatomical hit area.

More Features only at Sius Ascor

Very big monitors

Our system is highly user friendly and very easy for the shooter to reckognice the hit.

Very big monitors 17" and bigger and very user frendly.skytt_MG_3944.jpg

Miss indicator

Miss indicator indicates automaticlly with Miss on the monitor if the shooter does not hit the figure/target. As you know, it is not borne any hunters who miss the target at a running moose range. Therefore the miss indicator is the shooting leader`s best friend. Today our miss indicator also accepts .22LR ammunition.

Barcode reader

With the barcode reader the shooting leader have a easy job. Easy to change shooters and easy to change from moose to wilde bore or Bear. You have also a possibility to make your own program in the free program Barcode Library.

Remote controller

With the remote controller the shooter or the shooting leader take full control of the system. By pressing the pushbutton Menu a Menu come up on the monitor and by pressing the pushbuttons up or down the list of programs or

Hunting Figures

All hunting figures are programmed in your unit already from the very beginning fore example: Bull Elk, Elk Calf, Mini Elk for 50 m, Wild Bore 10 rings and hunting rings, Bear, Fox, Roebuck, Chamois, Danish roe deer, Reindeer, and all kinds of precision targets.

We have developed the system together with the Nordic hunters and there organization in Sweden, Swedish Hunting Federation. As program and scoring methods and principles. The user can by himself make shooting program by the free program Barcode Library and use his bare code reader for activate the program for the shooters. It is easy!

New Hunting Figures

ISSF have decided to accept our sugestion to a new wild boar with ten rings for sport shooting. This figure will be used at the Worls Championship 2012. The monitor figure and shot list will show a direction arrow like > and < to indicate moving direction for the carriage.


Nearly all Hunting Figures are implemented in DIANA software for the hunting software.

All frequently used figures are implemented and her come a short cavalcade with the figures:

Sius-S110-Vaenster.jpg Sius-S110-Hoeger.jpg
Sius-S150.jpg 481201.gif
Kopia-av-481901-3.jpg 481901.jpg
Dubbelsvin.jpg _MG_6664-4.JPG
_MG_6653_webb_s110-3.jpg small__MG_3367_wodden-box-for-sliding-cable--2.jpg
_MG_8893-3.jpg Bjoern_MG_4471.jpg
 _MG_6665_srgb-2-2.jpg  _MG_6669_srg-2-2.jpg
_MG_6671-3.JPG Björn Sida H/V Papper NY STOR

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