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sport and hunting ranges

Precision tests of weapons and ammunition.

After completion of a shooting test, SIUSBTS® enables the possibility to transfer the shooting pattern in the desired front

mask of a target. The evaluation of the single shots will be carried out on the basis of the chosen target front mask and

is graphically represented in a printout (see figure below). The user can easily identify the most appropriate ammunition

for the tested weapon.

This test is made by Rifel type Grunig+Elmiger R3 Racer RS at 50 m indoor at SIUS LASERSCORE G1.


Sius has the widest experience for electronic scoring systems. Here in the Nordic we are specialized on sport and hunting systems.

The latest is our Siamese wild boar for the ISSF competition. At World Championship June 2012 in Sweden our system will be used.

Our Diana software for the control units have been developed during many years and is today including almost all hunting figures and program for sport shooting and hunting training.

The equipment is simpel to use and the choise of components for the systems for hunting is robust and designed for many years use.

Please contact us for the new hunting and sport shooting system with siamese wilde bore.



HUNTING TRAINING at running and
fixed targets

On SIUS scoring system you are training against a left and right moving moose and the scoring is on the file i.e. the part on the animal which gives a stopping shot.

The system always uses the file as the hit area and this is valid for even double moose and separate moose targets. The single moose are always shown on the monitors on the shooter side and the shooting leader.  

_MG_3944.jpgThe hunting people have asked for the scoring method and the points and hit is according to the hunting federation rules.
The acustic measuring targets which detect the hit is mounted on the carriage.

In front of the measuring targets a big amount of different figure (dummy).

Fixed targets for calibrating of the weapon and also sights are available in different designs, The size of the area of impact can be shown on the monitor in tenths’ of a millimeter.


Sport sHOOTING 50 m running targets

Our system for Wilde Boar are based on an ISSF approved measuring targets the S25/50. The compleate system for the running boar electronic scoring system can be seen on the enclosed specification. The price for the compleate set will be set very favorable for you during the World Schampionchip In Sweden and the the rest of year 2012.

Siamese-Wild-Boar-4.gif i SIUS-50-m-Running-Target.jpg


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